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  1. 1 x month supply Omega 3 High EPA Fish Oils (30 CAPSULES)
  2. FREE 15 mins consultation with our Holistic Nutritionist to discuss your health goals or any concerns
  3. Proven Anti-Inflammatory Blueprint-  The most practical step by step guide to follow an Anti-Inflammatory diet plan, you will ever need!
      • If you are struggling with anti-inflammatory diet, because you are not sure how many servings of each type of food are desirable and requires specific instructions, then this is must have! 
      • This guide was designed with taste as well as health in mind. It incorporates olive oil, herbs and spices, cooked Asian mushrooms (like shiitake, enoki, and maitake), as well as dark chocolate as a sweet treat. 
      • This guide is designed to help prevent the chronic inflammation that contributes to the development of heart disease, and other age-related disorders.
      • It is also a cornerstone of treatment for inflammatory conditions and autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and lupus.
      • In addition to reducing inflammation, the diet provides steady energy and ample vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and dietary fiber. If you need to lose weight, it can help with that as well, but the diet isn’t intended as a short-term plan for weight loss.
      • This guide can help you achieve and maintain optimum health over your lifetime, by eliminating refined, processed, and manufactured foods, including fast foods.

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    Customer Reviews

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    Quality Source and Dose

    There are 2 reasons I like to recommend this supplement to my client, clean and traceable ingredients, and high potency. When I take 2 a day I feel my inflammation go down, it’s noticeable and effective. I will continue to recommend this great company!

    helps to lower blood pressure

    At the beginning of the year I noticed my blood pressure was excessively high each time I visited one of my doctors. A good day was 140/90 but I was normally about 160/95. I bought a blood pressure monitor for home use and it was consistently high every day, although I had already been taking both metoprolol and benazepril. After calling my family practitioner, who tried increasing the dosage of each simultaneously, nothing seemed to work. I started on Ebi Nutrition Fish oil supplements while my cardiologist changed my benazepril to edarbyclor. Since then my blood pressure is absolutely perfect on a consistent basis (120/80).

    Simply Wonderful

    I started taking these a few years ago when I learned how cleanly this are made and noticed mood benefits. Upon sharing with my dad, he commented within a couple days that he didn't know why he felt better but all that had changed was I shared my EBI fish oils, daily with him for a couple months. Thank you to this Toronto-based supplier!

    Thank you so much Misiu for the great feedback. Appreciate it.

    First purchase

    The product is good my only complaint was that I could have purchased the product for $5.00 per bottle cheaper on Amazon. So my order would have been $10 less. How disappointing that it costs you more to purchase directly.

    Strong anti inflammatory

    The fish oil is of great quality, very clean with no aftertaste. The price is very reasonable considering the product quality.

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