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Are you getting enough?

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Omega-3 fatty acids — called essential fatty acids (EFAs) — are necessary to our diet, because our body can't produce them. To stay healthy, we must obtain these fatty acids from our food. 

But here’s the frightening reality: Chances are, you might not be getting enough...

Unless you’re eating oily fish 2-3 times per week (such as salmon, mackerel, anchovies, or oysters), then you’re probably deficient in omega-3s. And if you’re deficient in omega-3s, your risk factor for the health problems increases dramatically.


In fact, fish oil has been clinically shown to improve:

  • Depression, anxiety, and mental disorders
  • Overall health of your hair, skin, nails, teeth, and eyes
  • Brain health and cognition
  • Joint and bone health & integrity


While reducing symptoms of: 

  • ADHD in children
  • Metabolic syndrome
  • Systemic inflammation
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Menstrual pain
  • Alzheimer’s


Honestly, it’s one of the most potent health amplifiers available, and it does A LOT of good for anyone who takes it consistently.

Thankfully, there is a simple solution to this deficiency problem (especially if you don’t like eating a lot of fish).

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