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What’s the difference between a “Conventional Omega-3 Fish oils & Supercritical Fish oil”?

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Most fish oils available today have been over purified and/or insufficiently processed. Consequently, a hearty dose of the toxic waste materials, mercury, PCB's, dioxins, carcinogens and other undesirable elements, that we’re dumping into the sea find their way into the final product.

Conventional fish oil manufacturers take a “purified” approach with their products. Because they often source many different types of fish stocks with varying levels of beneficial omegas, and ship these catches over long distances from countless fisheries before processing, they need to employ complex, high-heat purification processes, bleaching, deodorizing, fractionating, etc., to deliver an “acceptable” product. This extensive processing can break down the beneficial compounds in their fish oil. And while some manufacturers then attempt to “add back” specific vitamins or antioxidants, the benefits of the “whole” are lost forever.

Ebi nutrition Omega 3 fish oils uses an innovative process of supercritical CO2extraction our fish oil concentrateundergoes, levels of contaminants fall well below established safe limits, often containing levels completely undetectable through very rigorous analysis. 

This technique uses extremely minimal quantities of heat in contrast to the more common molecular and steam distillation, thereby sparing the oil from the damaging, oxidizing effects of heat stress. Supercritical CO2extraction processing is frankly, expensive. However we feel it is well worth it to once and for all have a truly clean, safe and pure, final product.


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