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How to Make Healthier Kids

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We just wanted to share real quick the results of a cool new study on fish oil.

It appears to help kids grow up with a healthier body composition!

Here’s the conclusion:

Fish oil supplementation from the 24th week of pregnancy led to a higher BMI in the offspring from 0 to 6 years of age but not an increased risk of obesity at age 6.

The body composition at age 6 years in children given fish oil supplementation was characterised by a proportionalincrease in lean, bone, and fat mass suggesting a general growth stimulating effect of n-3 LCPUFA.

You can read the whole articlehere



BMJ. 2018 Sep 4;362:k3312.

Effect of fish oil supplementation in pregnancy on bone, lean, and fat mass at six years: randomised clinical trial.

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